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About Van Beek Natural Science

Mr. Ron Van Beek, President and CEO, has been involved in the science of animal health for over twenty-five years. In 1982 Ron bought an entity known as Fandsco Enterprises, Inc. which was a wholesaler of mineral and vitamin premixes for livestock use. In 1984, he incorporated herbal extracts and micronized vitamins imported from Europe into the product offering.

It was 1991 when he started Van Beek Scientific with sales of natural animal health products manufactured by European companies and distributed by Van Beek Scientific. Sales were targeted primarily in the United States and Europe.

In 1992, Ron Van Beek started North American Dairy Consultants, advising clients on proper health and nutrition programs. This business has evolved and these consultants are now part of the Van Beek Nutrition team. Van Beek Nutrition, LLC was established in 1997 and is located in Twin Falls, Idaho. VBN's mineral mill was completed in 2000 and produces custom blended mixes and pre-mixes for the dairy and beef industries. In October of 2008 another mill was completed in Schoolcraft, Michigan to service customers in the Midwest.

It was 1999 when Van Beek Global, Inc. was developed to bring a line of companion animal products containing a natural patented active compound with superior antibacterial and antifungal properties to market. These all-natural products were, and still are, manufactured in Orange City, Iowa for the United States market and other countries around the globe. The VBG brand of products was marketed exclusively through distributors with primary focus on companion animals. Van Beek Global was also the manufacturer of the VBS Royal brand of products containing the same patented active compound for food producing animals and was marketed through Van Beek Scientific. It was at this time that Van Beek Scientific also began to develop and manufacture its own advanced products for the livestock segment.

In 2002, Thermocal Minerals of Idaho began with the partnership between Ron Van Beek and Harold Wilson. TMI is a provider of high-grade calcium derived from warm water deposits. This calcium is used by Van Beek Natural Science and Van Beek Nutrition for nutraceuticals, feed supplements, and premixes.

In 2007 Van Beek Global merged with Van Beek Scientific to form Van Beek Natural Science, LLC. This is the company name brand being marketed today for livestock and companion animals. The products are manufactured and packaged in Orange City, Iowa and sold in the United States, Mexico, Japan, France, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and other countries around the world.

All of these Van Beek businesses are continuing to expand as the trend for natural health care alternatives grow.

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