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Odor Absorbent and pH Stabilizer

Stall Sorb is an all-natural soft, white calcium derived from hot water springs. When applied, it creates conditions favorable to workers and livestock. Unlike limestone barnlime, Stall Sorb is not irritating or harmful to people or livestock. Stall Sorb reduces odor, absorbs moisture, and enriches manure. It is recommended for stalls or pens designated for horses, sheep, goats, lambs, rabbits, or poultry.


Features & Benefits:


  • Stall Sorb aids in odor reduction and creates more comfortable working conditions for the farmer and living conditions for the animals.


  • Stall Sorb is a soil sanitizer that absorbs moisture from the ground or floor, drying up and neutralizing acids. It is effective in stables, barns, feedlots and poultry & farrowing houses. 


  • The high calcium content in Stall Sorb enriches the value of livestock manure, and when applied to crop fields, it will reduce soil acidity. 


  • Consumption of this product is not harmful to animals; it can actually be beneficial.


  • Stall Sorb is an all-natural product and is safe for use in any area that is utilized by livestock and humans.

  • All-natural and OMRI listed

Available Sizes:

40 lb (18.1 kg) COURSE

SKU# 607327

40 lb (18.1 kg) FINE

SKU# 615327

Also available in 2,000 lb and 2,500 lb tote
and 24 ton bulk truck load


Stall Sorb is a naturally reprecipitated product derived from hot water springs which reach temperatures of 138 degrees. The hot water springs give unique characteristics such as which color, soft composition, and a fast reaction time.

Generally, most bacteria, protozoa, virus' and parasites grow in the range of 5-8 pH. They are dependent on this pH level in their environment because each pathogen exhibits optimum growth in neutral pH levels. Higher pH levels are detrimental to pathogen survival. Stall Sorb has a pH of 9 and when it is added to the environment, the survival rate of the pathogens decreases because they may not survive or grow in such a basic environment. 


For use in stalls or pens designated for horses, sheep, goats, lamas, rabbits, or poultry. For best results, clean area and apply StallSorb to the ground before adding new bedding. May also be applied to existing bedding. Apply 1 lb per 9 square feet. Use heavier on wet or urinated areas.


Mix 40 lbs of Stall Sorb fine powder in 4-6 gallons of water. The mixture should have a paint-like consistency. The mixing rate may change slightly depending on the type of applicator used. For example, when using a backpack sprayer, the mixing rate should be 40 lbs of Stall Sorb to 9 gallons of water. The thicker the mixture is, the better the coverage will be. If the coverage is too thin, another coat may been need to be applied. 

When applying Stall Sorb fine powder to plastic, good coverage is necessary, but a very thick coat may cause the product to flake off. When applying to wood or cement, it is okay to apply a thick, heavy coat. On a stall with the following dimensions, 5 ft wide x 4 ft tall x 12 ft long, approximately 7-10 lbs of Stall Sorb will be used. A residue of Stall Sorb will remain from a previous application so there is no need to disinfect or power wash the stall before a second application. Therefore the Stall Sorb usage will drop to 4-6 lbs for the second application.

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