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Feed Supplement for Beef
and Dairy Cattle

Thermocal is a high-grade calcium derived from hot water springs. It acts as a buffer and is highly digestible by cows. For more information on Thermocal Mines, click here.

Thermocal Calcium

Features & Benefits:


  • Soft, white easily digested calcium carbonate derived from hot water springs.             


  • Thermocal #10 acts as a buffering agent and raises the calcium intake in the dairy or beef cow.


  • Nutrients are better utilized from feed due to reaction time of high quality calcium.        


  • Only a small amount of Thermocal #10 is needed. Because of this, producers can add or increase other components in their ration. 


  • All-natural & OMRI listed.






Beef & Dairy Cows: Feed at a rate of 0.35 to 0.5 lbs. per head per day.


Available Sizes:

50 lb (22.7 kg) Bag

SKU# 603319

This short video demonstrates how Thermocal #10 will react in the rumen and stomachs of a cow. Thermocal #10 is a high-grade calcium derived from hot water springs. It acts as a buffer in the gut, allowing the cow to utilize more nutrients from feed and raise their calcium availability. Since vinegar has the same pH level as the cow's rumen fluid, our product will react the same way inside the cow.

We start with Sodium Bicarbonate, which demonstrates the kind of reaction we would like to get. Next, cold-water blue calcium (limestone), which represents competing products, is mixed in the vinegar and provides little or no reaction. When Thermocal is mixed in, it responds by foaming greater and longer than Sodium Bicarbonate. In addition, it leaves a coating along the sides of the glass, representing the coating it leaves along the walls of the whole GI tract.