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Thermocal Minerals of Idaho (TMI) is a mining operation of high-grade calcium in Dubois, Idaho. The calcium mined is derived from hot water springs and is naturally reprecipitated, making it unique in structure. The water in the springs heats up to 138 degrees, creating a calcium that is soft, white, and exceptional in nutritional value to livestock.

Most other calcium sources come from cold water deposits and are not near the quality of Thermocal calcium products – which is a form of calcium carbonate. One form of calcium carbonate derived from cold water deposits is limestone. Limestone is dense, grayish in color, and is commonly used in feeding livestock. The problem with limestone is that the reaction time in the gut of the animal is so slow it makes it more difficult for the nutrients from feedstuffs to be absorbed by the body. Another commonly fed form of calcium, sodium bicarbonate, has such a fast reaction time that the animal’s body can’t digest the nutrients from feed fast enough. The reaction time of Thermocal is a steady one, allowing for nutrients to be absorbed by the animal.

Thermocal calcium is ground down into two different grades and marketed as - Thermocal Calcium and Thermocal Neutralizer. Both are excellent for livestock. By acting as a buffering agent and reacting in the rumen and stomachs of the cow, cows are able to utilize more nutrients from feed and raise their calcium intake. When using Thermocal in your ration, you can cut out all other calcium carbonate and about half of your sodium bicarbonate that you would normally use without sacrificing calcium intake or bio-availability.

Thermocal Neutralizer may also be mixed with water and sprayed or put on the ground anywhere odor and moisture are of concern. Thermocal Neutralizer aids in odor reduction and creates more comfortable working conditions for workers and animals. It helps to sanitize soil and absorbs moisture.

The high calcium content of Thermocal Neutralizer enriches the value of livestock manure. Thermocal Neutralizer is all natural, OMRI listed, and can be safely used and handled around livestock and humans. It is recommended for barns, feedlots, and poultry and farrowing houses.

Thermocal calcium is used in several Van Beek Natural Science products including Stall SorbCalCaps, Royal Stimulac, Royal Optimum Powder, Royal Optimax Powder, and Royal Powder 75.