Producing products with synergistic potential

Van Beek Natural Science products are made with the highest quality ingredients chosen for properties observed naturally in the environment. With over 35 years of phytogenic experience, Van Beek Natural Science believes in Natural and is continually looking for the best, high-quality natural ingredients from around the world to use in its products.

Recently, consumers have driven awareness on issues related to synthetic products with animals and in response have increased the focus on phytogenic products and their benefits in animal health. 

Phytogenic products feature a combination of plant-based ingredients, that show a synergistic effect when successfully formulated together. Commonly used as feed additives, the effects can range from focused support for the microbiome, to overall support helping animals live up to their genetic potential and production performance. Phytogenics can be made from herbs, essential oils, spices and other plant parts. Years of research has given Van Beek Natural Science the insight needed to separate fact from fiction, and provide optimal combinations for targeted needs.