Fresh Cow Drench
Fresh Cow Drench contains 3 sources of highly available calcium, phosphorus and other important macro and micro minerals, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, vitamins A, D, E, dextrose and lactose as energy sources, to be used in an oral drench for post-partum dairy cows. Fresh Cow Drench provides more than 100 grams of highly available calcium per two lb of feeding.

Fresh Cow Drench may help further during events of freshening, to stimulate appetite, and during environmental changes.

Available Sizes:

1.4 lb Packet, SKU# 913332
25 lb Pail, SKU# 913316
60 lb Drum, SKU# 913320

Directions for Use:

Dissolve one cup (635 grams) in 5 gallons of clean warm water (104°F) and give to the cow within 30 minutes after calving. Offer free choice, or drench.

Stimulates Appetite

Helps Support Calcium Mobilization

Maintains Hydration Levels

Three Types of Highly Available Calcium





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